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Companions Questline - Did it Suck or Not?

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I finally worked up the motivation to go through the companions questline. As I figured, it was really mediocre - just a ton of dungeon crawler-type missions for the same item repeatedly. I suppose you could say the same thing about the entirety of the game, but this wasn't nearly as engrossing as the Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild, or even the Mages Guild quest line. 


The writing was pretty poor, and there were quite a few things that happened from a character standpoint  that didn't really make sense to me. Your character joins the "circle" or whatever almost right away without having done anything, even though it's made out to be some sort of elite/secretive group. I have no idea how Kodlak, a supposedly great warrior, managed to get killed by a bunch of farmers with butter-churn sticks (the Silver Hand) when all he ever does is bunker down in the Jorrvaskr cellar.  The motivations of secondary characters don't really click, such as Vilkas randomly refusing to do anything in Glory of the Dead.


By the way, Glory of the Dead is the most hilariouly anti-climatic final guild-quest I've ever done. Weak enemies, a one level dungeon, no boss fights, etc, etc...


Anyways, continuing on.


The guild quests are always kind of dumb in the sense that you go from guild applicant to leader in like 5 quests, but the Companions hit a new low for this. I didn't feel like I accomplished anything significant at all, and there's not really any reason for my character to be the Harbringer by the end except for the incompetence of everyone else.


I did this quest at level 55 or something and it was clearly a level <10 quest-line, so maybe I'm being a bit unfair. It just seems like very little effort was put into the Companions compared to Oblivion when you actually deserved every promotion you earned in the fighters guild.


The story gets a D in my books (C is average). Aela's legs are the only redeeming quality.


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It doesn't matter what level you are. The Companions faction has the weakest story out of all factions in Skyrim, in my opinion. There is a mod that tries to fix this (Companions Faction Enhanced or something?), but I never got around to giving it a try.


Heck, I've even run the Civil War quests more often than I've run the Companions. But unlike in previous games, I really don't feel a burning desire to join any factions in Skyrim.



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I suppose you could say the same thing about the entirety of the game,



Sadly my view of Skyrim after not even that many hours of gameplay



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Wreaking havoc as a werewolf is pretty bitchin'. I wondered why Kodlak turned out to be such a pussy myself, also I was unimpressed by the skyforge.



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Yeah, I didn't like it. I did it twice, don't even know why I did it the second time, I mean, it just was not worth it.


Boring overall, easy. The Thieves Guild always wins for me. Dark Brotherhood was good too. College of Winterhold, alright. Civil War, boring. Bard's College, retarded. Can't think if there are anymore.



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I don't think it sucked but it wasn't the greatest they should have made it just a little more longer...



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Eh, the story was okay, but the whole time I sorta felt like I was on a huge goosechase, but once again that seems to be skyrim's theme.


Kodlack dying was the only downturn of the storyline, others I almost seen coming, mostly because I had been told about it already. The beginning of the story was a bit rushed, but like you said it's a level <10 story line, and maybe it was just to prepare you for the things you would eventually be doing in the game. It was one of the first things I did, and I got real bored with it immediately, eventually quitting the storyline and coming back to it at about lvl 30.


You are right in saying that the other guild missions were more enthralling, but I think bethesda just simply spent more time putting those together. If C is average then I think I'd give it a D+ (for effort)

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