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The Dreaded Farm Run


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Most people hate farming, and i am yet to convince people of the benefits (Apart from all you smart peoples, of course.)

Anyway, i shall now outline for you a basic farm run - what it entails, and what the benefits are (TEH MUNEYZ)

Let us begin with the basics;

Quests/Levels recommended.

Farming level 38 - Toadflax.

Magic Level - 51 - Ardougne teleport (MUST have done the Plague City quest to use this spell - its easy, though.

Fairy tale part II - Up to the point where you can get magic Secateurs, or the point where you can use the fairy rings (Not necessary)

Explorer ring 3 - Complete the Lumbridge tasks up to the 3rd level (Hard tasks, i think.)

Ectohial - Complete Ghosts Ahoy quest .. its easy, nuff said.


The Patches?!

Cabbage Patch (South-east of Falador south gate)

"Haunted Woods" (East of the Ectofungus/Port Phastayus (sp?))

Ardougne (North of Ardougne; north east exit near the bank.)

Catherby (North of the bank, in catherby)

Trollheim (You will know where this patch is if you have done the quest "My Arm's Big Adventure. - It just so happens you have to do this quest to access the patch anyway; what fun!)


So, you know where the patches are; what are you going to wear?!

Gear (Without Lunars)

First point i will make about this gear setup, is the fact you should have already bought 100+ supercomposts; then gone to catherby and continued to deposit said supercompost at the leprechaun. (I'm not sure whether you have to deposit them un-noted, or whether you can note them and deposit them all at once? I will confirm this later, or someone else can, if they know the answer?)

Posted Image

By tynisa at 2011-07-21

This is the ideal setup for someone who does not have lunar magic.

Always carry a spade and seed dibbler - both are used to planting of the herbs.

Rake is for when the weeds grow back in the middle of re-planting .. you can save the spot by giving it to the tool leprechaun .. but to be honest you don't need to.

Seeds! - Top right are TOADFLAX the bread and butter of any farmer. I will do the calculations later for anyone reading. The other seeds are snapdragon, used only in the trollheim patch, because it is the only patch that doesn't die.

Explorer ring 3 - The best teleport to the cabbage patch, you pop out just below the patch. (Feel free to use Falador teleport and walk, its worth it all the same)

Ectophial - Best teleport to the fungus, it parks you to the east of patch. (Secondary option is to use fairy rings, the code to come out to the south of the patch is ALQ)

Runes, namely Air, Water, Fire, Law - Used for teleportation to Camelot, Ardougne and Trollheim - Switch out these runes for house teletabs if you want, i just find runes to be quicker than using house portals.

Ring of Dueling - For anyone with 55 farming, cactus spines in the Al Karid desert net you 6k average per spine, 3 spines per cactus. There is also no need to replant the cactus once it has been harvested, it just re-grows its spine. Free 20k a run.


Gear (With Lunars!)

Posted Image

By tynisa at 2011-07-21

Boy is your life easier than the guys without lunars.

Hopefully you have 96 mage for the spellbook swap spell, but i will proceed anyway, since im here typing and you cannot stop me.

Spade/Rake/Seed Dibbler - To plant/rake the patches.

Seeds - TOADFLAX because it be number one for profit, along with the best seed you can plant for the trollheim patch.

Runes, namely Fire, Law, Cosmic, Nature, Astral - Teleportation, fertile soil, and for the switch spellbook spell - essential for getting to trollheim.

Ring of Dueling - Cactus spines are a great add-on to anyone's farm run. 55 farming required, but meh, you will get there soon enough.

Mud Staff - the perfect tool for any lunar mage, it combines the water and the earth runes, perfect for teleportation to catherby, ardougne, and using the fertile soil spell all in one. - If you must, pick water or earth staff, and the opposite corresponding rune. Eg. Earth Staff and Water runes/Water Staff and Earth runes (I so hope i didnt' actually have to write this example out.)


Okay, so you are all geared up, you know where the patches are. Time to hope to it.

"A Typical run"

The basic theory when getting to a patch, is to farm the herbs using your magic secateurs (if you have them), note the herbs by using them with the leprechaun, then either use "fertile soil" or "supercompost" (grab a bucket from leprechaun when you note your herbs.) on the patch, and re-plant your new toadflax.

You do NOT need to water a herb patch, nor do you need to pay for your herbs to be looked after.


Calculations on todays market - 21st July 2011.

These calculations are based on using the 4 patches, excluding the Trollheim patch for those of you that cannot get there - just to show how easy it is to make some cash.


Toadflax seed - 182gp

Supercompost - 1038gp

(Tflax + Scomp) x 4 = 4880 (Lets round up to 5500 costs, to include for runes.)

TOTAL COST: 5500gp


Toadflax Herb (Grimy) - 4198gp

Average Herbs per patch - Anywhere between 20 on a bad run, and 35 on a good run.

Sales for 20 x tflax - 83,960gp

Sales for 35 x tflax - 146,930gp

TOTAL PROFIT: 75k - 140k - a herb run takes 4 minutes if you are already geared for it, and 6 if you have to gear beforehand.


Final Notes:

This guide is what i would consider to be the very basic requirements to herb run efficiently.

You can do it with less of the items i have outlined, and adding in the powerful items too (JuJu Vials, falador shield 3 etc.) however by the time you can acquire these items, you probably have all the basics down anyway, and don't need this small mini-guide.

Hope it is of some help to anyone wanting to do herb runs, and gain some nice cash. Herb runs have helped me keep playing RS, as without them i would have a lot less cash than i do now - its also great for people who do not always have the time to pop on and play RS. 6 minutes work for a good cash amount has to be a good thing.


Thanks to Blexun, for telling me what quest was needed for the ectophial

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Yup, im with you Mono, i can edit in the gp/hour at a later time.Whats cool is, the profit is only based on 4 patches, with trolly patch it can be an easy 200k per trip.

Although it should be noted that herbs do die semi-frequently.Another thing I would put in the guide is the use of the DG reward "Scroll of Life". It really does help make you profit because you can get expensive seeds back from dead patches at times (when I was farming trees, I got MAGIC seeds when my Maples died).
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yes it is i make about 200k+ per trip depending on what i farm its easy also add to the run limps which after harvest u get 3 limps tootsLIMP SEED= 52 GPlimp ROOT= 495 each3 x 495 = 1485LIMP SEED= 52 ----- 1433gp profit per patch might seem liek much but after a while it all adds up for somehting that takes less then 10 minutes to do a farm runALSO dont forget kingdom you can get good amount of herbs,tree seeds etc good stuff for no work :P

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