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Lost Volendrung to a Jarl?

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I had given the hammer Volendrung to my follower, Marcurio, and I was in the blue palace attacking all the Jarls and Stewards there for the easy leveling up of Heavy armor and Two handed weapons. When Marcurio was killed I  went to his body and picked up the Armor I had given him completely  forgetting the Volendrung, I continued fighting for a while and then left, found a guard and paid my bounty, after a few days I remembered the hammer and went back but Marcurio's body was gone and one of the Jarls had Volendrung, is there any way of getting it back?


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That's really weird. If an NPC that can't be killed (such as a Jarl) took it you're definitely not going to be able to get it back by looting/stealing.


The only solution that comes to mind is using the Disarm shout. If you use that, it should cause the weapon to be unequipped and thrown somewhere in the environment where you're fighting. 



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Honestly, this story is hilarious.


Try what David suggested. Though in the future, save before you try any "dangerous" leveling like this.

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