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How exactly to remarry in Skyrim?

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So.. I may have accidentally turned into a werewolf and murdered my now late wife Muiri, and I'm hoping to remarry. EVEN if I still had the saves I had before her tragic death, I would have lost several hours of gameplay and IMPORTANT progress.. Note how I said even, I don't have ANY saves that I can go to at this point, since they get deleted randomly as I make more and more saves throughout the game. I'm aware that once your wife dies in Skyrim, you can't remarry. But I've also heard you CAN if you're on the PC, which, I am. By some commands, I heard...? like the ` ingame commands. Yeh. I don't know THOSE though, so could someone tell me what I have to do? Or if there's other ways? Pls keep in mind going to earlier saves is not an option.


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First, open the console by hitting ` , which is generally the button to the left of the "1" key. Type in the following after selecting a wife.

    [*]removefac 51596
    [*]player.removefac C6472
    [*]resetquest 74793
    [*]resetquest 21382
    [*]setstage 74793 10

    You should then be able to marry after waiting 24 hours.


    Let us know if it works. :)

Unknown ProbLem

Unknown ProbLem

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If you are mod savvy, this is doable for consoles as well just requires a little explaining.To mod this for consoles, load up Modio or Horizon and extract your .exs skyrim save file. ALWAYS MAKE BACKUPS(This is in case you mess up)Now this requires a pc skyrim playing friend. If you figure out what to change the file extension as (.exs --> .ess, i think) you can load up the save from the pc version.Now do the above and save thrn quit.This part is rather tricky and requires you to retake the .ess and convert it back. This will take some trial and error.Voila! You hopefully have fixed this problem,Get back to us please if we helped:D

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