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Fixing the White Phial

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I started the quest, Fixing the White Phial. In the quest, I'm supposed to retrieve Unmelting Snow, Crushed Mammoth Tusk, and a Briarheart. I have bothe the snow and the tusk, but the Briarheart has a glitch. I kill all the Forsworn in that area and kill the Briarheart. I take the heart from his inventory, but it doesn't say that I have retrieved it. The objective arrow is still pointing towards him. I've tried reloading, eating all the briar hearts in my inventory before I take his, and everything. I'm thinking this glitch is caused from me already discovering the place and clearing it out before. Any help?


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Here's a bug summary from the wiki.


When you pick up the Briar Heart, the quest will not update, and no option to turn them in will appear when talking to Quintus. The cause of this is unknown, though it seems to be due to having a Briar Heart already in your inventory when you begin the quest. They cannot be dropped, as they are now quest items. Eating the Briar Hearts does not fix the quest either. Going to jail to remove items does not work since quest items are automatically put back in your inventory once you leave the front door.

    [*]This can be fixed by going to jail and breaking out, and while retrieving items from the chest leave the briar heart(s) then going and obtaining another. then returning to retrieve your other heart(s) after the quest is complete.
    [*]Posted Image You can manually update the quest by opening the console and typing setobjectivecompleted MS12b 50 1. You should do this before taking any of the other ingredients. This will make the game recognize you've already collected a Briar Heart. If this doesn't work, usesetstage MS12b 60 to advance the quest a bit further. For non-PC users, the best workaround is likely to reload an earlier save and avoid having any Briar Hearts in your inventory when you begin the quest.
    [*]Posted Image If none of the above mentioned methods work, you can try this way. First, if you have any, remove all the Briar Heart you have in your inventory typing player.removeitem 0003ad61 x, where x is the number of Briar hearts in your possession. Now, accept the quest from Quintus Navale. There will be three new quest markers on your map, and one takes you to a Forsworn Briarheart. Kill him, get the Briar Heart from him, and type setobjectivecompleted MS12b 50 1, which should allow for the normal completion of the quest.


Try those suggestions and let us know if it works; if not, we'll try to come up with something else. The bottom two fixes are for the PC version only as they require console commands to work.


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Alright, thanks! I'll give it a try!



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it never popped up for me to do this quest i gave the vial back then he said thank you and paid me and i left.    how do you do this quest

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