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Destroy dark brotherhood

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I did something I don't usually do and checked the Dark Brotherhood questline. Just to clarify something, YOU DO  NOT KILL SOMEONE ON THEIR WEDDING DAY! So after finding out that there is an option to destroy that place, my decision was almost automatic, but before I annihilate them, are there any items or houses I'll miss out on if I destroy this scum guild.


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You'll miss out on a fair amount of cash/items from skipping all of their quests. You'll also lose the possibility of achieving the renovated Dawnstar Sanctuary, which could be considered a player house/residence.


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I have plenty of other ways to achieve cash/money/septims/gold, what kind of items?



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You'd have to go through all the quest rewards to compile an actual list, but a few off the top of my head of note...

    [*]Shadowmere, the best horse in the game.
    [*]Blade of Woe
    [*]Tons of things you loot off of people you assassinate, including some prestigious robes that I won't spoil for you.

    The direct rewards for most of the quests are large leveled amounts of gold. You also have to account for what you're losing by looting both the people you encounter and places you can't otherwise go, though.


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-I have Frost

-I believe my readings said you can loot that off Astrid when you kill her

-Robes...I like robes...Especially prestigious robes...

Curse Bethesda for making decisions hard!

Bless Bethesda for making the game!

I wanted my character to be fairly good morally and only kill relatively good people if he believed with the reward he could save more people, and not hesitate to kill jerks. The Dark Brotherhood is full of jerks, I don't want to join that! But if joining them allows me to explore places I would otherwise not be able to go and I want to explore as much of this game as possible then I'm just about screwed!................ So what did you do and how did you feel about yourself?



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Just to add to David's list, joining the Dark Brotherhood gives you access to a Master Alchemy and Light Armor trainer.


The Dark Brotherhood quest line is arguably the best in the game (I'm partial to the Thieves Guild myself). The missions aren't too diverse, but in the end, they are all a lot of fun, though some may make your character seem like a jerk.


Destroying the Dark Brotherhood wasn't that satisfying to be honest. Maybe I think that because I've already done the series before, but take that for what it is worth. You do get a monetary award afterwards though, so I guess that is useful.


In the end, I'd recommend you go though the quest series. If you are dead set on making a morally decent character though, which I'll admit I've done the same, start a blood thirsty Khajiit. Or just start a Khajiit character anyway. I like Khajiits.

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