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Marriage problems (who to choose)

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Bachelor for now

Bachelor for now
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I have personally checked all of them and cannot find an advantage, the only trainer I need is Aela but I can just recruit her as a follower anyway. So unless there's something I'm missing... Who looks better (and sounds better) Grelka, Mjoll the lioness, Njada Stonearm, Ysolda, And if it really comes down to it Lydia, Iona, or Jordis the Sword-maiden. I really barely feel logical right now.


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For some reason, Bethesda thought it woul be a great idea to make the most interesting spouses male. If you were willing to go homo, there's some Argonian miner who you can rescue. He has a very unique personality, and he dual wields, always wielding a pickaxe and whatever weapon you give him.



Of course, you are asking about wives. As for wives, there really isn't much of a difference between them. However, I would suggest marrying a woman who can be a follower. Why? When you get married, your spouse opens up a shop. Every day, you get 100 coins from this shop, but that's not the main advantage. No, the main advantage is that the shop still functions even when they are adventuring with you, allowing you to restock on supplies.


So, who are the best followers? In my opinion:

J'zargo is the best mage

Aela the Huntress is the best archer

Mjoll the Lioness is the best warrior

Cicero is the best assassin


I'm guessing you don't want to make your character homosexual, so that rules out J'zargo and Cicero. In fact, even if your character did decide to go after men, I don't even think the two are marriageable. That leaves Aela and Mjoll.


Mjoll is an essential NPC, which means she cannot be killed. Despite this, I do not advocate her as a wife. Why? Because she has some guy following her around all the time. I apologize, but I don't remember his name. If you marry Mjoll, he moves in with you, too! Throw in a housecarl and your residence begins getting a bit crowded, not to mention it's annoying having the guy follow you around. You can kill him if you like, but I don't like killing NPCs unless its necessary.


For those reasons, I would choose Aela the Huntress.



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In my opinion, Aela and Mjoll are the best marriage candidates.


More on Mjoll, yes she does have some friend-zoned guy following her. He even hangs around inside your house, making the walk from Riften to Whiterun (where I was living at the time) everyday. I eventually just killed him. Took a few attempts to secretly kill him without Mjoll noticing, but I managed to do so. Just don't looking inside my closet in Riften.

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