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Corporeal Beast Miniguide


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1. Getting Started

Requirements: 70 Constitution, 70 Attack, 70 Range (these are the bare bones requirements), 43 Prayer

With any less than 70 Constitution, you will find yourself dying so much that it's not even worth coming. The Corporeal Beast has an extremely powerful combo that is unavoidable even with 99 Constitution and Overloads and all that jazz. Also, the lower level you are, the better connection you're going to want to have. If you lag just a bit as a low level, you can basically say goodbye to your hitpoints. If the Corp is attacking you, you want to pray melee. If you don't have melee prayer, it makes it that much easier for him to combo you. Remember, these are the bare bones requirements. Expect to die a lot, sometimes not even finish kills if you just meet them.

Nice levels to have: 90+ combat skills (including magic, as the Corp's magic attack accuracy is based primarily off your magic level), 70/95 Prayer, Extremes/Overloads

The combat skills should be self explanatory. Overloads are the single biggest thing that help you camp Corp as long as possible, so get those as soon as possible if you're serious about Corping. Turmoil also gives you access to Soul Split, which is very useful.

2. Gear and Inventory

For the purposes of this guide, I'll assume that people reading this are not in possession of Torva, Pernix, or Virtus.

Helm: Fighter Hat/Helm of Neitiznot

Also known affectionately as the "stabby hat" by Corpers, the Fighter Hat offers +5 to stab. You can get it as a reward from Barbarian Assault. The next best option is the Helm of Neitiznot, which gives +3 to both strength and prayer (note- prayer bonus is not particularly necessary at the Corp due to the fact that you will pretty much always run out of food before you run out of prayer). If you have neither of these, quest/play minigames more. But seriously, just wear the "best" helmet you have.

Amulet: Fury > Glory

Don't even bother with anything else.

Cape: Ardougne Cloak 3 > Fire Cape > Soul Wars Cape > Skillcape (t) > Other cape

Just as the Fighter Hat is known as the "stabby hat", the Ardougne Cape 3 is known as the "stabby cape". It offers +6 to stab and +6 to prayer (remember, you want to maximize stab bonus in any way you can). The Fire Cape gives +4 to strength, +2 to prayer, and +1 to stab, making it the second best option (it is also marginally better defensively than the Ardougne Cloak). Those two capes are the only ones that really help at the Corp - other than that, just wear whatever cape you think is coolest.

Weapon: Zamorakian Spear

Unless you have a really, disproportionately high Ranged level, the Zamorakian Spear is the way to go. It is the only weapon that damages Corp 100% besides the extremely expensive Vesta's Spear, and overall it does better DPS than Ranged assuming equal levels in each.

Make sure your Zamorakian Spear is set to stab, otherwise it sucks.

Body: Karil's top > Black d'hide body

This should be self-explanatory. Karil's offers significantly better magic defense than black d'hide, which isn't TOO bad. If you don't have 70 range to wear either, Corp simply hits too hard on you for you to come.

Legs: Karil's skirt > Black d'hide chaps

Again, self -explanatory.

Gloves: Best RFD Gloves you can wear / Regen Bracelet

Boots: Dragon > Rune

Ring: Onyx (i) > Berserker (i) > Berserker > Explorer's

Special Weapon: Bandos Godsword > Darklight

But really, if you don't have a BGS you should bring energy transfers so you can give your spec to someone with a BGS.

Alright, now that you've got your gear, you should get an inventory.

Without overloads

1 Games Necklace

1 Special Weapon

3 Prayer Potion

1 Super Restore

1 Super/Extreme Attack

1 Super/Extreme Strength

1 Super/Extreme Defence

1 Emergency Teleport (Teleport to House works best)

18 Sharks/Rocktail

If you're ever finding you're running low on prayer fast with this setup, bring another pray pot in place of a shark. The Super Restore is not for prayer restore but for restoring the stats that the Corp reduces.

With overloads

1 Games Necklace

1 Special Weapon

1 Overload (2 if in a large, good team)

5 Super Restore (more if in a large, good team OR you know how to flash Soul Split effectively)

1 Emergency Teleport

Rest of inventory - Saradomin Brews

I cannot stress how much easier Overloads make the Corporeal Beast.

3. Killing The Corp

Teleport with your Games Necklace to the Beast's lair. Then walk through the first door and wait in the waiting room. When one person (could be you) decides to rush in and poke the Corp with his or her Zamorakian Spear, pot up, turn on your MAGIC and Protect Item prayers, then start attacking the Corp. When you're in melee range, turn on your Piety/Turmoil and MELEE prayer. Try to make sure you are as far away as possible from all the other players attacking the Beast. This is to prevent his splash magic attack from hitting multiple people.

If the Core starts taking your health, type "Core" so that the stunner can stun the Core with Emerald (e) bolts. Make sure you stand next to the Core, otherwise the Core will stop being stunned and eat someone else's health.

NEVER walk under the Corp. This is the easiest way to get comboed, as his "Stomp" attack is highly accurate and powerful.

Rinse and repeat as much as you want. Usually, TRR will hold Corp events on non-LS worlds, with the large drops being split among all participants manually. Failure to split a large drop will result in mass shaming.

If you ever find yourself without a stunner, just run away from the Core. Never try to tank it.

If a team member dies, as many people as possible need to stay in the Corp room so that your team member can loot his grave without having to tank the Corp by his/herself.

4. Other Things To Know

If you want to stun, bring along a mithril crossbow and emerald (e) bolts. Make sure you have quick reflexes, and ignore damaging the Corp in favor of stunning the Core (which heals the Corp a lot). Only one person should stun.

In LARGE teams, Void Melee is actually the best armour. You get hit pretty much just as much, and you hit harder. In smaller teams, you'll get destroyed wearing Void even with otherwise optimal stats/gear, so I wouldn't recommend it for any TRR events.

Corp Loot can be divided into three categories:

Great Loot

Divine Sigil (750M)

Elysian Sigil (460M)

Not great but still very nice loot

Arcane and Spectral Sigils (50M)

And other loot. The "other loot" is most commonly in the 200K range. Some drops, such as the 175 onyx bolts (e) and the Holy Elixir are in the 1M range.

The droprate on a sigil is AROUND 1/450 for any of the sigils. Basically, what that means is that about 1 in 450 Corps you will get a sigil. 40% of these are Spectral, 30% are Arcane, 20% are Divine, and 10% are Elysian.

The end, thanks for reading.

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