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Thoughts on BLOPS 2

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Anyone have it? Just thought I'd see if it's any good before buying or not.


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Haven't played the campaign yet but I've heard it's good.Multiplayer: in my opinion it's very unpredictable, like some gun fights you will win others you won't. It's 50/50 basically.Some guns are clearly already going to dominate.Scoretreaks are ridiculously too powerful.Snipings really easy.On the plus side it's really easy to win domination if you quick cap B :') I haven't lost one yet.But don't expect your kd to be its usual awesomeness. I don't know what they've done but I feel like a fragile egg when I get shot and they feel like a plate of jelly... I'm usually just over the 2kd on all cods but I'm around the 1.6kd with a high win loss



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Multiplayer: in my opinion it's very unpredictable, like some gun fights you will win others you won't. It's 50/50 basically.

Couldn't find an appropriate reaction to this statement, so just look at my avatar.



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To be fair, I think Trayarch have done a great job. I loved all the CoDs up until MW3, which was just shear disappointment. And BO2 is actually a bit different than the usual copying of previous CoDs.


Campaign: Done it, the campaign is very well done, and depending on what decisions you choose during the storyline, it will change what further missions you do and the final cutscene, awesome idea.


Multiplayer: My only complaint is that the health is too low and it's almost 9/10 always who shoots on target first will kill the other person. However, it is really fun. And the sniping is quite balanced, much easier than BO1 but not as easy as MW. Anyway, hopefully they will bring the health up a bit so I don't die every second from behind.


Haven't tried zombies, but heard its amazing, at least if you are a zombie fan already anyway.


Overall, the game is definitely worth buying.

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