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Remembering our Befallen Mascot

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Hello. Usually my topics are designed to entertain and educate, but today, no. Please, sit down as I tell a life and a legend of Eldersouls' mascot, That Cat Guy.

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Just looking at him brings back memories. The Skyrim gallery was hitting a slow period. We needed somebody to help push it along. And who was there? That Cat Guy. With his beautifully radient face, he inspired other members to post their Skyrim pictures and, eventually, helped the Skyrim get to it's 100 picture and beyond.


So who was "That Cat Guy"? Well he was born Dennis Avner, a former Navy Seal sonar technician, had the Native American name Stalking Cat. His goal was to adopt the spiritual essence of not just a tiger, but a female tiger.


Sadly, Cat Guy lived a roughed life. Though I'm too engulfed in sorrow at the moment to go into the details, CG took his own life. Maybe it was in an effort to finally become a tiger in the after life. Maybe being our hero was too much for him. Either way, it is a tragedy many of us will have a hard coping with.


But we shall not remorse for long. Even though he hero died, CG wouldn't want us to fell sorry for him. Cat Guy is in a happier place, prancing through the after life as the female tiger he has always hoped to be.


So as you go about the rest of your week, remember the life and the legend that is Cat Guy. Also, keep this in the back of your head as it'll get you through the worst of times.

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What Can Khajiit Do For You


Cat Guy

August 27, 1958 – November 5, 2012




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Everything else on his face looks plausible by plastic surgery, but how did he get his eyes and teeth like that?



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Everything else on his face looks plausible by plastic surgery, but how did he get his eyes and teeth like that?

Contacts and a nail filer.


His recent developments are sad. I was very close to almost deleting his comic several times because it wasn't really Skyrimy.

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