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Request for Original Articles and Guides


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I'm currently working on setting up our main/home page (currently called "Pages" on the nav bar, although this will change). The add-on we have, IP. Content, allows us to have a rather complex and fantastic "home page" system featuring anything we want; in our case, it will mainly be used for guides, articles, and news. If you look to the right on the page I linked earlier, you can see a few of the categories I've already added - Community News, Guides, and Miscellaneous. These are major categories, and each one of them can have their own format (for example, Community News has a blog format whereas Guides has something closer to a normal page linking to other content) and sub-categories (in Guides: Skyrim, Black Ops, etc). Everytime an article or guide is moved or posted, it is linked to a forum thread here. You can comment on the article by posting in the commenting area the main page, or by posting on its forum thread; your comments will appear in both places regardless!Right now I'm just using the forum index as our home page, since we currently have no content. However, after we've established ourselves a bit this will replace the index as what you see when you visit eldersouls.com (the forums will be changed to something like eldersouls.com/forums).Anyways, I'm asking for those of you interested to start submitting your own guides and articles to be posted in this database. Anything can be promoted to the front page, be it a blog post, thread, topic post, etc. So don't worry about where to submit it, just post a thread on whatever it is that you want to write about. I know several of you have many tips and tricks that others could benefit from. Write a guide!Please note that although you can submit any guides you want, only those of the highest quality will be submitted into the knowledgebase.This post has been promoted to an article

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