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Game glitch after downloads

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I completed the game 1 time before the first download and then played dawnguard then I decided to restart the game after heartfire came out since then the second game I started froze up repeatedly during the dark brotherhood quest where you have to search for survivors and get in the night mothers coffin the screen go's to the cut scene and you can here the water and noises but no one comes to open the coffin , I reloaded the game at the previous save point and left it and went on to other missions then the game glitched in the house of horrors quest so I went in and deleted the game from the hard drive deleted the downloads and patches and saved games and then reinstalled the game and downloads and started again game glitched at the same dark brotherhood spot but played through house of horrors but glitched after the first thieves guild quest where you have to steal a item and plant it on someone then talk to brynlof the quest finished but brynlof wont meet me in the ragged flagon which screws me for the deidric quest which is the last one to the achievement. any help would be appriciated .


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Xbox, PS3, PC?That info is quite probably vital in order for someone to help you.



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x-box 360



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If you've reinstalled all of the patches and game data and the game is still bugging out in the same spot, it's definitely your progression of quests that is conflicting. Specifically in the DB quest, Whispers in the Dark, I know you can fix the freezing while inside the coffin bug by doing the following:

If you close the Iron Door you open to enter the room and enter the tomb, Cicero cannot walk into the room and attempt to speak to the Night Mother, leaving you inside the tomb in mid cut-scene. If you save while in the tomb and reload it, wait an hour and the quest goes on as normal.

The wiki also mentions similar methods of fixing that quest:

There is a bug in which, upon entering the coffin, Cicero doesn't say anything; you cannot leave the coffin. Waiting may work, but not always. Also, sometimes if you wait for 2–3 minutes, the quest will continue. This can happen if you close the iron door to The Night Mother's chamber before going into the coffin.

    [*]Solution: Entering the Night Mothers Coffin, then press Wait for an hour or two sometimes fixes the glitch.
    [*]Leaving the Sanctuary and coming back before entering the coffin also fixes the glitch and causes Cicero's diologue to begin properly.
    [*]Saving the game. Exiting. Reloading and waiting for 1 hour may also begin Cicero's dialogue.

The reason I'm point these out is that it sounds like there's some conflict during this quest that is causing other things to bug out later in the game. If you finish that quest, it may solve other issues as well that you're encountering later.


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it's the later quest after you try to kill the emperor and only poison his double you have to back to the sanctuary and search for survivors , nazeem is the only one and you follow him into the night mothers coffin room and she tell's you to get in the coffin with her the screen goes black and you here noise then nazeem and babette open the coffin and you find astrid in her quarters. The game freezes when the screen goes black and I can't continue .

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