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Im stuck on Under Saarthal (sp?)

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When doing this quest, I get stuck talking to Nerien (SP?), once he appears he just looks at me and doesnt say anything, And I am stuck in the room as well.


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Do you mean Arniel Gane?You're supposed to be trapped in a room at one point in the quest. As soon as you pick up the Saarthal Amulet the trap is triggered. After that, you need to equip the amulet and then cast a TARGET spell at the wall to collapse it. You can use the "Flames" spell, which I believe everyone innately has.

Unknown ProbLem

Unknown ProbLem

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If this doesn't help and you are actually under the ground, just keep walking until you fall into the "abyss" and you should fall back above ground. if you haven't tried what me or traag have said, then reload to a previous save before said point of your glitch (provided you have one) and you should be good.If the last one doesn't work, then there may have been a tiny load error in the area and leaving and re-entering may work.


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Im having the same problem. these solutions don't work either :/


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