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What is your favorite way of taking down a dragon?

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Wow, thanks that was more of an answer than I expected didn't know weapons mattered for difficulty I thought the spread was always the same when you change difficulty. Cool I might use an axe for the first time now XD


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Unknown ProbLem

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for weapons it goes like this:Bows are by themselves but are better than crossbows (I'm pretty sure, also more range) and they range fromlongbowhunting bowetc.Glass bowEbony bowDaedricand (Dawnguard craftable DLC bow) Dragonbone BowAs for weapons, the damage and speed vary for both one hand and two hand.for one hand Swords are the fastest but "weakest" and War Axes are stronger than Swords but a little slower, and finally Maces do the most damage but are the slowest overall.(And maces are the best Paladin melee class weapon due to the 3/3 perk which grants 75% armor passing per hit. [i.e if a person has a Daedric mace that does 150, and the enemy is wearing Daedric armor which has 100 armor, the maxed perk will make that mace hit for 125 instead of 50. this is because removing 75% of 100 = 25, and 150 - 25 = 125 :D])Two handed follow the same rules where 2H swords do the least but swing the fastest (while still possibly slower than a Mace) and Battleaxes are basically the neutral and Warhammers are the slowest yet most damaging in the game.

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