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The Dissolution of the Mages Guild


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I was really bummed when I read about how the Mages Guild was destroyed very shortly after Oblivion's lore ended. I really prided myself as the Arch-mage; I maxed every magic skill, and wore the robes on every adventure I had after I received them (hundreds of hours). After putting all of that effort into the Guild and its questline, Skyrim has the audacity to tell me that my character wasn't only a bad Guildmaster - but the worst one ever. To the point that the entire fucking guild was lost? Wow, subtle insults.

Apparently some random message board poster on another site claims that it's because your character disappears to become Lord Sheogorath, which 'kay... I guess.

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Seems like a cheap out to me. Not to mention that none of the other guilds had to endure such blashemy on your former character. What gives?!

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Ah. Well there is 200 years between the two games. Does the game say when the Mages' Guild was disbanded? Maybe our successor's successor was an incompetent leader. Or maybe the whole us being Daedric Prince/ss of Madness theory is correct.To be honest though, if we were to blame for the disbanding of the guild, I won't be surprised. I mean, what kind of leading did we ever do? All we did was act as the muscle of the operation.

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