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Assassin's Creed III Liberation

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Introducing Assassin’s Creed® III Liberation, the stunning new chapter in the saga – designed exclusively for PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system.
Gameplay Reveal Trailer


The year is 1765. As the events leading up to the American Revolution heat up in the north, Spanish forces plan to take control of Louisiana in the south…but they have yet to reckon with Aveline, a deadly Assassin who will use every weapon and ability in her arsenal to win freedom for her land and her people. Whether silently eliminating her enemies with slow-motion chain kills or luring them into deadly traps, Aveline strikes mortal fear into the hearts of those who stand in her way.

As an Assassin, Aveline finds herself on an unforgettable journey that will take her from the crowded streets of New Orleans to voodoo-haunted swamps and ancient Mayan ruins. She will play a pivotal role in the turbulent birth of a new nation as she fights for freedom, not only for herself, but for her fellow citizens.


Important Notes

    [*]First Black Assassin
    [*]First French Decent
    [*]Her story line is happening at the same time as Connor's


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Does anyone actually own the Vita? I never used my PSP, and as expensive as it was the Vita is even worse. Don't see myself ever buying it (or probably any other gaming handheld again with the advent of smartphones).Anyways, the game looks interesting enough. I've never played any of the non-main (i.e. handheld) versions of the AC games, though. Do they really add anything to the story?



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Anyways, the game looks interesting enough. I've never played any of the non-main (i.e. handheld) versions of the AC games, though. Do they really add anything to the story?

This only real other one is Altair's Bloodline...and the pseudo DS ones and facebook one... I really hate the fact they make these alternate stories for the DAM PSP which is the SHITTIEST! thing ever -.- I really like this franchise but I'm not going to go our of my way to buy a sony handheld to play it -.-I'm not sure if it adds anything...if anything the Altair one adds stuff to his story not to sure what this one will do...



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    [*]It’s out same day as AC3
    [*]Location is New Orleans
    [*]Female assassin named Aveline of mixed heritage
    [*]Looks like same time period as AC3
    [*]Ubisoft Sofia is developing
    [*]Takes place between 1765-1780 in the period between the end of the French and Indian war
    [*]One of the bullet points is that it’s “true AC gameplay”
    [*]Will not connect to Desmond
    [*]Will have “multiplayer specifically tailored to the Vita experience”
    [*]“The game has been released as a propaganda tool by Abstergo, who want players to experience a gray area of the Assassin/Templar conflict as an assassin rather than a Templar”
    [*]Aveline’s mentor is an escaped slave named Agate,leader of the assassins in New Orleans
    [*]Wildlife like alligators “wait on the banks of the swamp or hide beneath murky waters”
    [*]Liberation will also take players “across the Gulf into Mexico”
    [*]Connor and Aveline will meet in Liberation
    [*]Front and read touch controls are used to pickpocket
    [*]New weapons added, including sugarcane machete, pistols, muskets, and grenades
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    I don't like the fact she doesn't have a hood, but then again it's about blending in.... A sleeveless jacket with a hood would have looked cooler though

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