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Who is the friend that sends you letters?

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Omega Dragon Warlord

Omega Dragon Warlord

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I honestly never thought about until I just now saw this thread.What about one of them guards that saw you absorb the dragon and immediately claims you're Dragonborn? Or maybe the Jarl of Whiterun, Balgruuf himself? He does take on the friendly approach soon as you reach Dragonsreach.(As far as Talos goes, I could've sworn the Dragonborn gets referred to as Talos near the end of Skyrim's main storyline or in some sidequest around then?)


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Well this reply is very late since i only just saw this thread after thinking about who really writes these letter...

And i think i have a simpler or at least a new explanation as to why these letters are sent to you the Dragonborn

Recently i started a new save file(tho not much different from the 1st) and i was merrily shouting my way around the city known as whiterun with my follower Uthgerd the Unbroken

i was interupted by a courier shortly after while i was in her presence and given the letter to go to Shearpoint and get the throw voice shout as well as one of the dragonpriest masks

after this i again began shouting around whiterun but mainly because i was overweighted with loot from that last trip

i even shouted with whirlwind sprint in breeze home itself where my other follower Lydia (who never went with me anywhere in this save file) asked "Are you Dragonborn?"

after unloading my heavy loot i went outside to be greeted by another courier(naked for some reason even tho i never picked his clothes and it was still in his inventory, not sure why this happens to me at all >.<)

So i guess that two other people that may be that friend are either Uthgerd the Unbroken and your housecarl Lydia



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Its the ebony warrior, makes sense, he wants an epic battle so he trains the dragonborn, and so when the dragonborn is powerful enought he invites him for a battle, so that the apprentice overcomes the master.


P.S Apologies for my english its not my native language



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Honestly, If we need an absolutely CANON reason for the individual behind the letters I'd like to think it was the nerevarine. Talos did indeed make an appearance in morowind where he manifested himself. Why not manifest himself this time if it was him? During the events of Morrowind the nerevarine became immortal. During Oblivion he is said to have ventured to Akavir to investigate the tiger dragon's intent. So what if he came back to do a little recruiting? (honestly before I get ripped about nerevarine being female in some playthroughs Oblivion books distinctly called him a he)

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