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Reunification of Skyrim

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Just got done with the Battle for Whiterun and I reported back to General Tullius as ordered and was told to go to an Imperial Camp to speak to Legate Rikke and here is the problem, she wasn't there. There was a white arrow pointing to ground assuming that's where she was supposed to stand or something. So I saved and re-loaded and she still wasn't there (did this twice). I went back to General Tullius and tried everything with him to maybe trigger the quest but nothing. I pretty much ran around in circles where the white arrow was for 200 hours in hopes of her appearing but nope. Got any ideas? Mucho gracias.


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Forgot to mention, if it's any importance, this was for the Regain of Winterhold Hold.



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That's when you're supposed to meet her in the camp's "command center" (the tent with the table with the map and flags), correct? I'm assuming that's where the arrow is pointing.

Few thoughts...

    [*]Try visiting at a different time of the day. It's unlikely this is the issue, but if you first tried in the middle of the night she may have been off sleeping.
    [*]Go back to Tullius and make sure you've gone through ALL of the dialogue with him. I know when I was doing the Civil War quests the quest givers dialogue would often fail to trigger the next quest. Going through all the dialogue with them again always fixed the issue for me.
    [*]Check your quest log, and see if it didn't update with a new objective yet fail to move the map marker.



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I actually ran into a similar problem, but at a different point of the civil war quest (if I remember correctly). All I did was continue on my other adventures and I revisited this later. She was back in the tent and ready to get to work.

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