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Meeko glitch

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After i got Meeko the dog i decided to take him back to his shack later to get Vigilance, who is stronger. When i got to meekos shack his dead owner and the bed he was on were gone! I looked outside in case the game spawned him outsude the shack or something, but he was nowhere to be found! Everything else in the shack is there, so where is he? Is this supposed to happen? Will meeko disappear to after a while, becayse i dont want him to die? Also does he die after being left at the shck for a while like from a dragon ir something?


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Wait - are you asking if you can safely leave Meeko at the shack, or have you already left him there and he's missing? I know that some people have complained that he's disappeared from their game after having been left in their player houses. Generally if you leave him in the shack it should be safe. Of course, there are bugs in the game and sometimes you just never know. I wouldn't worry about it personally. If you tell them to wait somewhere they SHOULD automatically return to their original home after three days.______You should consider creating an account here. It comes with several benefits, and also makes it much easier for you to post questions and answers. It's completely free!



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I heard of the diappearing furniture glitch happening to a couple of people before. As far as I know, it isn't a big deal. And Meeko should stay in his shack when sent home, so you should be alright.

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