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side quest help librarian

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I need help with a side quest when I started playing I would go in to caves and clear them to get my stats up , problem is I cleared a cave and got a book out of the spider egg , now fast forward a little I got to the college at winterhold and the librarian gives me a side quest to find this book on the dialog screen nothing comes up saying here I have found the book I even went back to the cave and recleared the spiders and it wont give me the return to Blank (cant remember his name ) and it still says find book in blank cave , I cant finish this quest and I need to in order to get the librarian to sell me enchantment books. any help would be welcome.


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Unknown ProbLem

Unknown ProbLem

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I have personally had problems with side quest myself, and the same happened with a different book. I gave up, because I had found all the enchantments, and I have almost all the spells, including the master. I ended up just ignoring it.Also, as far as I know, there isn't any fix, but it can be avoided by just actual dungeon diving, and buying from the people at College of Winterhold, or other spellcasters.If you find anything, I'll be watching this, because it'd be nice to fix this quest, i guess.



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Yeah, as of now there is no fix for this bug. I wouldn't worry about it, though. If you're talking about a Radiant quest (quests that are randomly and continuously generated forever) you're not losing out on anything really.

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