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Job Openings for Elder Souls Staff

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I remember the good old days when people used to work hard for months to have a colored forum name. Can't give it away now. :(


Dug this up. Had to search for every .txt file on my old computer. Lol.


Back in 2010. Wow I talked so much shit.


[color=#FF0000;]1) What position(s) are you applying for?[/color]

I am applying for Council, but I will happily take Moderator.
[color=#FF0000;]2) Would you be willing to actively use IRC (If you don't already), and have you maintained activity in the clan chat and forums up to this point? Activity in all 3 is mandatory for most clan ranks.[/color]
I am in IRC for most of each day besides when I am not online, but I am online quiet a lot each day. My forum activity is pretty outstanding will an average of 10-15 posts a day at a minimum. My Clan Chat activeness isn't  great but it is still decent, because of my disadvantage of not being able to talk on my main account, I usually talk in our Clan Chat when I am advertising events, which I do in IRC too.
[color=#FF0000;]3) What is your opinion on how the clan is currently operating?[/color]
The clan is currently operating smoothly, besides the trolls in our Clan Chat and all the fighting. If more CC Mods were introduced then it could help or else give CC Mod to the people who are active in our Clan Chat a lot and know how to moderate maturely and kick at the right time/
[color=#FF0000;]4) If you would make any changes to the clan, what would they be?[/color]
I feel that making our Weekly Clan Wars Practises mandatory would be a good idea, so everyone can experience Clan Wars and prepare for Official Wars. Also if we get another Ventrilo server, it should be required for everyone to have Ventrilo for Official Wars, it is twice as fast to talk than type.
[color=#FF0000;]5) What qualifications do you have for this job, and why do you think you deserve it?[/color]
I have many qualifications which include, my activeness which is very high. I am an honest, straight forward person who wishes to make friends with everyone whether they have just joined TRR or if they are a long-term veteran. As Council or Moderator I would be willing to Moderate all three of forms of communication. I am also been a very successful Diplomat, and even though I am not a Event Coordinator I have broke the record of events in one week, wrote reflections and took pictures for the reflection along with advertising every event 30 minutes beforehand, and closed old topics when the event has past. This doesn't mean I will stop that if I get a higher rank in TRR.
I would also qualify in all these too....
* Answering questions from regular clan members
* Moderating the CC/IRC/Forums
* Being called in as an emergency ET/RT
* Changing the direction of the clan
* Leading the weekly clan wars
* Promoting activity in each of the 3 major forms of communication
* Being an active member
* Encouraging other clan members to apply for promotions
* Doing whatever the leaders tell you <3
[color=#FF0000;]6) What new ideas and innovations do you have for the clan?[/color]
Everything I mentioned in question 3 and 4 could be implanted used. But at the moment, I haven't really got any good ideas at the moment, but this is an idea anyway. We already have Moderators for our Clan Chat, I was thinking why not have Moderators in our IRC Channel, some things they could do would involve, voice'ing people and kicking people if necessary. There doesn't need to be a huge amount of IRC Mods but a few who are there often enough to be able to moderate and voice people for the most of each day when they can.
I hope that I can be given this position in TRR, if I do get this postition I will do my job right, Thanks for reading.
Good Luck to all :)



And I only got moderator because I was only 12. :'( (Pfft, got High Council before I left anyway!) Remember Jackwooton taking Council and going ape-shit in the IRC because he was so shocked, lmao.

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