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Rank the Races in Skyrim/TES


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It's not supposed to be a best-worst list (although you can do that), it's just what I'm most likely to play as.

    [*]Altmer (magicka bonus usually makes this race the best for mages when Bethesda makes the build over-powered as usual.)

    [*]Dunmer (tbh I just want to see how the Thalmor react to this in Skyrim, would probably be lower usually)



    [*]Breton / Imperial / Nord (who gives a shit they all look the same; exception being Skyrim where I might play as a Nord often for the sake of lore)

    [*]Orc (meh)

    [*]Argonian (can't relate to the character)

    [*]Khajiit (for Blexun)

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As far as my favorite races go in Skyrim...1. Khajiit-Not sure why. I hated them in Oblivion, but they look so cat like now.2. Imperial.3. Altmer-Being taller is always fun.4. Orc-Again, never really played them in Oblivion, but there is something about how they look in Skyrim. Maybe it's the beards.5. Dunmer-Favorite race in Oblivion, but they look a bit more creepy now.6. Redguard7. Nord8. Bosmer-Found them to be slightly gay.9. Breton-Die Frenchie10. Argonian-Something about being a lizard killing my flying lizard brethren is a tad unsettling.

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1. Breton-You can't beat 25% magic resistance!2. Orsimer-Best racial power in the game in Berserker Rage3. Altmer-More Magicka and ironically the tallest race. They are awesome, but the Thalmor are jerks.4. Dunmer-They make great spellswords, but they are always hideous.5. Nord-50% frost resist is nice, and it makes the most sense RP wise. Will probably use on my female playthrough.6. Khajiit-Racial power can be used unlimited times. Too bad it's terrible. 7. Argonian-Many racial abilities, but most are useless.8. Bosmer-Racial power is kind of cool, but useless.9. Imperial-It's already too easy to make money. Power only works on humans.10. Redguard-No real advantages. Don't call me racist.

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Well, you asked us which class we like, and the racials determine which class I like.

Also, I believe Dunmers make better Spellswords because of that 50% fire resistance. You can really take a hit against those dragons. Eventually, you will be specialized to what you want, and so I don't care about where your skills start at.

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I dont feel like making a list so ill come out and say itthe Orsimer are my favorite race,the Berserker Rage is the main reason but theres also the natural blood right to the Orc Strongholds and the attack bonus if they have one i heard they did so im runnin on possibility, the orcs also look very strong, intimidating if you may, green..., but intimidating

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Orcs definitely look pretty intimidating. Since I'm usually in heavy armor though, I rarely even see what my characters look like. Of course, running around the town in a loin clothe is always fun too.Orcs have an attack bonus with their Berserker Rage ability. Other than that, they also have the initial skill bonuses in weaponry. No inherent damage bonus otherwise; that I know of, anyway. You're definitely spot on with the blood right; Gloombound mine, in particular, is fantastic.

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Ordered best to worst

Redguard  <First off, they look like beasts and fight like them too. Although their Adrenaline rush isn’t too useful, their stats are great. They start off with great one handed, and good archery, block, and smithing. with magic they start with good atltereatiomn and destruction. Overall a good balanced race that can do it all.>

Wood Elf< Wood elves may not look the coolest and there starting powers isn’t amazing but they are naturally gifted archers so if you want a great archer wood elf is the way to go.>

Khajit <Cats are cool. Great thiefs.>

Argonian <Lizards are cool. Greta thiefs and fighters.

Dark Elf <Tyhey may look a bit sketchy but are great thieves and destruction mages.>

High Elf <Best mage in the game, but look really weird and are not very nice in the storyline.>

Nord <Skyrim natives. Great warriors. Not the best archers or mages though.>

Imperial <Too basic, money isn’t that hard to find, and don’t be a wuss and calm enemies down, FIGHT THEM! XD>

Orc Ugly but good hardcore warriors.>

Breton <Meh>

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