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Few Changes/Updates

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Just a quick update so you're all aware...

    [*]The "Chat" application has been fixed, so you're all free to chat with eachother live once again.
    [*]Several primary forums (Graphics and Media, Strategy, etc) have been removed.
    [*]All sub-forums have been removed since there's just no point currently.
    [*]We've entered a link-sharing agreement with "Skyrim Perk Calculator," which is linked at the top right of the site.
    [*]This is old, but "Active Topics" and "Unread Topics" buttons have been added - open to suggestions for more quicklinks for content.
    [*]Store updates resulted in new subscription options (which no one has given any suggestions on). :)
    [/list]I'm debating adding a shoutbox. It's a cool thing to have, but I don't want to have that hurt status updates or new topic creation, which is what generally happens. Perhaps it could be a staff + premium member only option.

    Anyways, cheers.


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As I've said in my status, I love the Perk Calculator. Figured I'll only need to get 44 to get all the perks I want.And what do you mean the Chat application?



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We have a live chat application similar to IRC. You can access it by clicking on it's tab on the nav bar - it's right inbetween guides and blogs

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