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Build Criticisms/Suggestions

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Thanks. Hope this place has been as informational as you guys have been.The reason I went with axe and mace though, is that it could be a great combination with the mace ignoring armor, then the axe's extra bleeding damage adds to it. I suppose, however, I could simply enchant a weapon with that effect, right? Either way, I wouldn't mind going axes only 'cause I mostly just wanted to play a dual wielding orc who cleaves the living crap out of everything, lol. Axes cause more damage anyway, I assume?


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Actually maces cause the most damage, but are the slowest. As far as I know, swords have the best damage to speed ratio. I've never been upset with any of the three though, so it really doesn't matter.

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Blexun is correct, Maces do most (Warhammers likewise) and Swords do the least, but Maces are the slowest, while Swords are the fasted. And it doesn't specifically matter xD It's all about personal preference.To Gravis: The site has a wide variety of different topics on it for Skyrim, and mutiple guides. So, just take a look and see what you can learn!

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