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Vampires vs. Werewolves!

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Okay! We have all seen forums and things of the sorts that are discussing the pros and cons of both of them. And I would love to hear some more! Please don't hate. Pick 1 or both and explain the pros and cons. Vampires~ Pros: -sneak bonus-frost res- Decent destruction spell (damages enemy and heals you) and gets better with your vampire level-Really cool skills like: night vision, raise dead, calming people and turning invisible for 2 or 3 minutes, combine with the shadow stone and increase that :D Cons~-Fire weakness (raises with vampire level) can be offset with enchantments and being a dark elf-Reduced health stamina and magic in the sunlight. No restoration any of those. Can be offset by enchantments potions and things of the sort.-becoming a level 4 vampire causes anyone (with the exception of the DB [Dark brotherhood]) to become hostile and attack. Fun Vampire Facts:)~-People will make humorous comments about you looking sick, or being afraid of the sun:P -You get really awesome red eyes-I think your skin gets paler?-You get to be stealthy:D -feeding is kinda fun. Lol-For some dumb reason vampires still attack you *^* meaning u can't join their little colony:/Anyway! Can't wait to see what you guys(and girls:3) have to say!

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I haven't really messed around with being a Werewolf yet, but from my understanding Werewolfs are very powerful at lower levels. I know they get weaker as your level increases, though, so at higher levels I'd probably go with Vampirism. It's also nice being able to control being a Vampire - the werewolf thing is more or less one time and you can't get it back after you cure it.Wasn't aware that Vampires had night vision, is it actually useful?

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I've always enjoyed being a Werewolf over Vampire.


[*]Unlimited transformations if you have that ring

[*]Sprinting when in beat form is pretty fast

[*]Very high damage when you are lower leveled

[*]Cool howls

[*]No physical differences

[*]Transforming into werewolf clears out most graphical glitches


[*]No rest bonus

[*]Useless at higher levels

[*]Being a wolf is a crime, but honestly, who would just transform in town

[*]No regeneration when in wolf form

So I like Werewolf more, but Vampire is probably the most practical. And I'm not a fan of Night Vision. Never really found it useful.

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I'm a werewolf in one of my games. It's okay beacause I can do more damage for my lower level but I lose my weapon and armor and makes it kinda impractical cuz eventually beast form becomes obsolete to better weapons, and range- sneak attacks:/ vampirism makes magic and archery sneak attacks easy. The dark elf destruction boost Also helps:)

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