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Weapon of Stunning

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I would really like a weapon of stunning that I could disenchant and learn paralyze. However, I have been playing for 200 hours and never come across one.Does anyone know where one might be found?Is it just a random item that hardly ever occurs?Are other people having trouble learning paralyze?


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The best way to find items to with the proper enchantments, in my opinion, is to go to a store that sells the items that would theoretically carry the enchantment. I just sit in them, check the stock for what I need, wait 24 hours, check again, wait 24 hours, etc. until I can buy my item. You can get the enchanted items through loot or drops, but that could take ages.I've personally never noticed a Paralyze enchantment either. Then again, I've certainly never looked for it.______You should consider creating an account here. It comes with several benefits, and also makes it much easier for you to post questions and answers. It's completely free!



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It is a possible enchantment. Out of my 5 characters I made, I've only seen one, while I was dungeon dwelving at around 45~. Not saying this is the level you have to be, but it may be that you have to be high leveled to have a chance of finding one. The only guarantee'd weapon that I can think of that has this enchantment is Chillrend, which can't be disenchanted, but it has a pretty good base value and can be improved to be on par with some of your other weapons.

Not sure if you know this or not, but paralysis in Skyrim isn't a 100% occuring effect. In other words, your enchantment might look like this.
Chance of paralyzing the target for X seconds
A chance is better than no chance at all, but at high levels, I find it easier to just tear everything with regular weapons.

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