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The Blades are Pansies in Skyrim


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I think it's kind of odd how Bethesda took them from being essentially bad-asses in Oblivion to being whiny and inept idiots in Skyrim. Then again I guess they didn't really do shit in Oblivion besides sit there and let people tell stories about how bad-ass they are, so eh. Meanwhile you, the lonely prisoner are left to redeem the Emperor and save the world.Thoughts?

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I don't get why you hate The Blades. I'll pick this apart for both games.Oblivion: Almost escorted the Emperor out of the jail safely. Tbh though, the Emperor died while you were guarding him. Helped close a couple of gates. Defended Bruma while the Great Gate was there. Fought to Mehrunes during the invasion of the Imperial City. Gave you guidance during the Oblivion Crisis. Defended Martin in Cloud Ruler Temple. Safe to say, they did their job.Skyrim: Obviously no where near as awesome as they were in Oblivion, but that was 200 years ago. The Alderadfsdafkl Dominion killed most of them and they were ultimately replaced with the Penitasdufus Occulus (?). Regardless, they still managed to gather what strength they had and helped you end the Dragon Crisis. Also, I never thought of them as whiny or unskilled.

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I don't get why you hate The Blades. I'll pick this apart for both games.

Oblivion: Failed in their only task - protect the Emperor's life - and did so spectacularly. Following that, they left you - the peasant - to run around closing all of the Oblivion Gates essentially by yourself.Skyrim: Tell you to kill Paarthurnax, who is the only reason you are even successful in your quest since he gives you so much help. If you refuse, they throw a hissy fit and refuse to even talk to you until you do it. Not to mention the fact that they treat you like their bitch throughout the entire story even though you're the only reason they're even back on the map. Meanwhile, all the Blades do is barge in on the Greybeards meeting, insult them in their palace, and then whine about how "they have as much right" to be there, blahblahblah.
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