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How many weapons do you carry at once?

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Well swords do less attack but are faster, that doesnt mean that they are better, dual wielding maces would be the same as dual weilding swords, just a little slower, dual weilding swords would be the same, just a little weaker, but the enemy woul die about the same time either wayLike I use the slowest weapon in the game, the warhammer, but that doesnt mean its any less deadlier than a greatsword

Swords swing 1/3rd faster than maces. That means that to get the "true" damage value, take 1/2 of the sword's damage and add it on to what it says. That is what you use to compare to the mace. If it's the same damage after that formula, though, the mace would have a slight edge thanks to enchantments. Usually, the sword has a couple points higher damage after the calculation.


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Yea I dont use maces anyway



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I carry an 170-damage daedric bow as my main weapon with Iron Arrows (because I've accumulated over 1000 during my game). I dual weild an 120-damage Daedric Sword and an 115-damage chillrend for backup. And I carry The Wabbajack with me for fun xD

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Death Knight

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Sometimes I'll use two handed weapons, usaually a battle axe, I've always had a thing for every and any kind of axe since i was just young. The damage of two handed is great for heavy hitters or rushers, but the added armor and block of a shield and attack rate of a sword mace or war axe far outweighs the effectiveness of two handed weapons, but at least their better than in oblivion...hahaCurrently, since I try to model my character after myself, I use a bow and a dagger as a back up, occasianly ill go just with a blades sword for adventuring, to get my one handed and light armor up, since neither of them get much of a chance to be leveled since i drop most everything before it gets close

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