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Oblivion vs. Skyrim


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This one is pretty tough. I can see this both ways.Oblivion-At it's time, the graphics were colorful and pretty. It was pretty much the best RPG out there and I would say had the best open world to explore. Combine that with the story, quest, and the skills, and you could pretty much suck hours and hours out of it.Skyrim-It's graphics are a bit better than average compared to what is out now. Still probably best RPG out now, if not definitely up there. The world of Skyrim is still really impressive, but I would say not as impressive as Oblivions, especially compared to when Oblivoin came out. However, Skyrim seems to have a bigger following than Oblivion did.I think Skyrim is my favorite, but Oblivion is more impressive relative to when it came out.

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When Oblivion came out, fans for it were just as excited as they were for Skyrim. Oblivion was EASILY the best RPG out there. But Skyrim is also in the field of best RPG, and has the advantage that your character had a special power that put him above NPCs. But with games like Witcher 2, and Dragon Age III, it's open for debate. Whereas Oblivion was released and was considered the best of it's type, simply because no one had the guts to spend a couple of years writing an RPG. Oblivion was the game that CREATED the true RPG era. So, overall, Oblivion was better when it came out.

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