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Hi there. Now, ive found all the masks killed all the priests and such. My question is when you put the wooden mask on to go back in time to the shrine, there's an empty chest there. Can I store my valuables here and have no repercussions?


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You haven't asked a question. Click the edit button and edit your post to include an actual question so we know what you are asking.

If you are talking about where you can store your items, you will have to buy a house. To be able to buy a house, you must ask the city's Jarl to make you Thane, which may require you to do quest or tasks first. Whiterun is the easiest house to buy early on because becoming Thane of Whiterun is part of the main quest and the house is the cheapest at 5000. Alternatively, if you joined the College of Winterhold, the wardrobes near your bed in the Hall of Attainment (the only bed that isn't owned) can be used to store things without them disappearing. The barrels there will not.

Also, there is an "Alchemist's Shack" that is south of Ivarstead, and a "Riverside Shack" south-west of Windhelm. They are both empty and if you store your items in the endtable (for the Alchemist Shack) or the wardrobe (for the Riverside Shack) your items will be safe. Both of these houses are free and just require you to find them.

Again, if you didn't want to know any of this, then please edit your question to include more details about what you want to know.



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There's a question in the middle of the directions. ;) I'm on my phone atm, so I'll let you look into it.



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Oh. I should pay attention more.Yeah most of the containers there are safe. Don't store items in the urns though. And don't lose your Wooden Mask or you'll have a hard time getting back.

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