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Useless Daedric Items

* * * * * Daedric Items

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Which of the daedric rewards were you disappointed by? I haven't done nearly all of the quests yet, but so far...

    [*]Mehrunes Razor - Seems underpowered compared to other games. I think I've only had a couple of KO's with it despite using it the entire DB questline.
    [*]Mace of Molag-Bal - Pretty lame in my opinion, though I'm no mace user.
    [*]Spellbreaker - I guess it's decent in theory, but I stashed it away and never took it out again.
    [*]Dawnbreaker - Pretty sure I stashed it in some drawer, and then accidentally sold it when I was doing some spring cleaning and just looked at the base damage. Meh.
    [*]Sanguine Rose - The quest was fun and all, but the summon dremora for 60 seconds is pretty useless to me with 100 conjuration.


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Death Knight

Death Knight

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-the mace is pretty good for clobbering does damage to everything, and if you have all mace and damage upgrades, it will do 100% bonus damge, 125% for standing power attacks, and regardless of what type of attack, 75% armor penetrationSpellbreaker, My god, I love that shield.Dawnbreaker, never got it yetSanguine Rose, fun, but i don't really use staves much.Razor-I've gotten a fair amount of kills with it...but its choosing between steady damage, or a chance to instant kill, but do you run at people with daggers out often ? currently im dual weilding a sword in my left and dagger in my right.



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Mehrunes Razor-I hate daggers.Wabbajack-Interesting, but does anyone actually use it in combat?Ebony Blade-I hate killing important people, and it isn't that powerful, anyway.Ring of Namira-I never noticed a difference in health when I ate people.Savior's Hide-I don't even use light armor, and neither does J'zargo.Volendrug-Warhammers stink. I don't care what you may think, they do.



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Mehrunes Dagger sounds and looks pretty cool, but hoping on a OKO is kind of disappointing. The Mace of Molag-Whatever is kind of lame.I actually liked Dawnbreaker. It was kind of lame, but it looked pretty shiny.

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