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Length of Skyrim Quest Lines vs. Oblivion's

* * * * * Quest Lines Skyrim vs. Oblivion

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Is it me, or are all of the major quest lines much shorter in Skyrim? It may just be because it's been a few years since I've gone through all of the different Oblivion quests, but I've had that feeling during every quest tree so far.

    [*]The main quest line is clearly much, much shorter in Skyrim.
    [*]The Mages guild is much shorter, though in Oblivion it was quite redundant with all of the chapters.
    [*]Thieves Guild is a push since I don't remember it in Oblivion besides the epic final heist where you steal the Elder Scroll.
    [*]Dark Brotherhood is probably slightly shorter.
    [/list]You could say that the stories and general quality in Skyrim is much better. But when just looking at how long it took you to complete them, what were your results?


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Well obviously quality is better than quantity. And I think quality is where Skyrim ultimately beats out Oblivion.

    [*]Main quest is a lot shorter in Skyrim. Even taking out that section where you convince every count and countess to send aid to Bruma and doing all the gates, which I despised, Oblivion beats out Skyrim with getting Martin to safety, finding the books and Mythic Dawn, and the 4 items for Paradise. Also, the ending was a lot more epic than Skyrim, but that is neither here nor there.
    [*]Mage guild in Oblivion seemed very random to me. At one point, two random people from the guild betrayed and left with two random items that were deemed important for some reason. So obviously Oblivion was a lot longer, but I always have trouble getting into it.
    [*]Fighters Guild in Oblivion was a lot long and random. Companions is too short and kind of weak.
    [*]I think Thieves Guild in Skyrim is actually longer than in Oblivion, especially if you include restoring the guild to its former status.
    [*]And DB is about the same

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