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enchanting help!

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I have reached level 100 in enchanting and smithing and level 60 in Alchemy but even when I use my fortify enchanting potions I cannot create gear that gives me above a 16% boost. That is the best enchantments I can get on gear is potions are created 16% better and weapons are improved 16% better. Please help! I have invested a lot of time into increasing these skills a I am not getting the results I expected.


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Death Knight

Death Knight

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search apothecary shops for high level echanting/blacksmithing potions is my best suggestion.



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Well we have a guide written by myself on this very topic which is located here.http://eldersouls.co...-item-stats-r20Just to summarize on come key points, I would recommend getting 80 alchemy and getting all 5 tiers of the Alchemist Perk. Getting that and doing the method on the guide will totally max out your gear. However, if you don't want to get 20 more levels in Alchemy, I recommend going to Alchemy shop to Alchemy shop until you find an effective Fortify Enchanting potion (20% better or 25% better recommended) and an effective Fortify Smithing potion (40% better or 50% better are recommended). Then, with 4 grand soul gems, drink the Fortify Enchanting potion and immediately enchant a necklace, ring, gloves, and chest item with Fortify Smithing. Then wear your newly made Fortify Smithing gear and drink your Fortify Smithing potion and immediately craft your weapons and armor. This is pretty much the simplified version of the method used in that guide.

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