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Your favorite leader; Ulfric, or Tullius


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blah blah blah, yada yada... opinion

Ulfric challenged the high king to a battle and ultimately won, granted that he cheated a great deal. Ulfric was chased from the throne that he rightfully earned, and the imperial army showed up to claim the throne, despite it not at all being theirs. Ulfric, in retaliation, starts a war with the imperials for invading the political realm of skyrim. Though this war is rightfully a national war it is cited a civil war being that it takes place in skyrim and is fought on one front. Ulfric is not fighting his own people, he is fighting for his people. You may say that he's selfish for saying in conclusion to his speech that the throne was his anyway, but rightfully, it was. The throne of skyrim deserves a nord, not an imperial, it deserves someone who fought for it, like Ulfric did, and most of all; it deserves a King. The democracy of Cyrodiil would never allow a hierarchy in an area they control, thus not allowing skyrim a king for the throne, thus making jarls and kingdoms in skyrim obsolete. Ulfric knew this and declared war with the imperials to stop this from happening whether or not he actually cared about his people or not, he cared about his country, that was his cause, he fought to save the nordic way of life. Whether or not you agree with that doesn't matter because, when it all comes down to it; it's all opinion anyway, it's a stupid game. You can dramatize it, or clarify it, or justify it in any way you want, no one here is probably even close to what the developer's had in mind making the game.

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Kodlak is the best leader of every leader in Skyrim. 10 times better than Ulfric or Tullius He does not care for politics, wants to help his people (the companions) and is a wise man full of advice that you can add to your personal arsenal.


Seriously, though, both leaders are idiots. Ulfric is a Nord who will use anything to get what he wants. Istlod (Torygg's father) was High King when the WGC was signed. Torygg was simply the heir, and without proper experience, Ulfric saw in the guy the perfect scapegoat and victim for a powerplay. Tullius is a military man and has no part in the political scheme of skyrim, so should not be in the game at all.

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