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Board 3.2.3 (Forum)

With IP Board 3.2.3, using a forum has never been so easy. Many of the usual tasks that made forums seem archaic in the age of facebook are gone, replaced with instantly updating pages. Need a few examples? Hover your mouse over a member's name, or attempt to quote a post and then use the fast-reply feature at the bottom of every thread. I hope you're pleased with the results! There are literally hundreds of those "little things" that make your experience much, much easier. In fact, while writing this thread I learned that you're able to use the control button to select several different, independent blocks of the post and then apply formatting to your selections. It's great stuff, and what makes IPB 3.2.3 the most modern forum software available (yes, I'm looking at you vBulletin).

Content (Pages)

The IP Content add-on (listed as the "Pages" link on the navigation bar) offers the ability to promote nearly anything to the front page. Articles (front page content) can consist of posts, blogs, and even things such as file downloads. So if you submit quality, original content, you may even be fortunate enough to have your content flagged and promoted to an article for all to see!


Using our Downloads add-on, members are able to upload and download their own files to share between the rest of the community. Modifications, graphics, and virtually any other type of file are all supported. Users can comment on and rate different files (depending on the permission settings you set for your file) while searching for whatever it is they're looking for. Members who submit custom work they've created are also able to set a price for their files - if they so choose to do so. Others who wish to download and use these files will have to pay whatever amount is decided on by the creator.


Have you ever considered starting a blog? Maybe you don't know how to go about setting one up, or maybe you lacked exposure and had few readers. These issues are fixed with our integrated blog system; all members have access to create their very own personal blogs on our website. Complete with commenting systems, custom skinning options, the ability for private blogs, and traffic/reader tracking, you have access to virtually every amenity you could want. Since the blogs are all integrated into the rest of our site and community, you can be sure that your blog will get plenty of exposure to other members. If you already have an existing blog, you're also able to link to it through your member profile.

Nexus (Store and Support)

Nexus brings quite a lot to the table. Nexus is the engine that drives the paid files available through Downloads, and essentially creates a store that users are able to browse through. Members are able to add items to their carts and purchase things accordingly.

Besides this, Nexus also offers a personal support system that members are able to use to contact different departments amongst the site. For example, should you have an issue with an item you've purchased through the store you can create a support ticket and submit it to the sales department. This takes the place of sending Administrators PMs or creating threads for everyone else to see. It's a method of contacting all those who are able to assist you at once, without notifying anyone else. This feature, and others, can be accessed through your your client area. Your client area lists things such your purchases, pending invoices, referrals, the aforementioned support system, and more. This can easily be accessed at any time by clicking on your profile bar and selecting "Client Area."


Our Gallery is a convenient way to share and sort all types of images you may want to post. Remember the days of uploading to off-site hosts such as Photobucket or Imageshack? There's no need. Simply upload your photos to our gallery, and your images will be available for everyone else to see. Every image you upload will be easy accessible from a list on your member profile (you can still obtain the URL and post specific pictures in threads). You're also able to create multiple albums, and even slideshows, from the images you upload.


We offer a personal chat system that is similar to many instant messenger or IRC clients, except available only to members of our site and forums. Need to contact another member but PMing is too redundant or slow for the information you need to share? Perhaps you'd be better off scheduling a meeting on our chat system and sharing your information with the other member live!

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