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Getting back into Runescape

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As you may or may not know, I'm just getting back into Runescape.. I'll explore some of the new updates, and then I'll set some goals to motivate me a bit to train.

Anyway.. I'll organize this a little bit after this "prologue," I guess, and show my current goal, whatever I want to do.

Ruffalex's Goals
Posted Image

(reserved for bank picture)

Current Goal
99 Strength
Posted Image
How I plan to get it: Slayer! I'll slay my way through it. I'll hope to get it by the New Year, give or take a week.

(reserved place for slayer gear, will post it when I get members back)

Goals (in no particular order)
Posted Image Why/How I plan to get it: God help me... This won't happen for a while. I want to get it for Turmoil, obviously. I don't know if I'll ever get this :lol:
Posted Image Why/How I plan to get it: Won't take too long at all, just cost a little. I'll probably do the plank spell. Want to get it for vengeance and ice barrage.
Posted Image Why/How I plan to get it: My least favorite skill... I can't STAND this skill, and it'll probably take me forever. I'll probably mine granite, I'm doing it for ROTM.
Posted Image Why/How I plan to get it: Up there with my least favorite skills... I'll probably do the Ape agility course, and it'll take forever... :(
Posted Image Why/How I plan to get it: Not too bad, I'll probably just spend some money and do Green Dragonhide chests. Won't take that long, but I'm willing to pay more to get it done faster.
Posted Image Why/How I plan to get it: I almost have all the charms.. It won't take too long. This is for the Unicorn Stallion.
Posted Image Why/How I plan to get it: Why not? Easy and cheap enough skill, and I enjoy it enough I guess. I don't know if I'll ever bother, but perhaps if I get bored enough.
Posted Image Why/How I plan to get it: Again, why not? I don't see myself realistically completing this, but I love to slay. I won't be going for this, but slaying is my favorite thing to do in game, so I guess its a possibility.

Item Goals
None currently, to be honest. I'd just like to get a bigger cash pile and make my bank a bit richer, will do it through slayer.

Thanks for checking out my goals... I plan to update this pretty often, and I'll post some pictures as I level up.


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Nice goals. :( Any other quest you are planning to do besides RotM? And if you've done King of the Dwarves, you can go to the Lava Flow Mines, which is more or less like ivy in the sense there is no banking involved. You just have to find the right place to mine every 7 or so minutes.Well good luck. I'm a big fan of firemaking so I'll be watching this topic. :lol:



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Yes actually, I have a quest cape banked, but I need to do around 12 quests now to get it back.. I'll work on it.

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