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Hey there everyone, Just letting everyone know that I did get permission to post this on here from Traaginen. I am in no way trying to steal members from this site or community.Anywho,I am one of the 2 co-owners of www.finestladders.com. We are a gaming ladder site (kind of like Gamebattles). We are trying to be bigger and better than all the other ladder sites out there. We strive to have a fun/competitive atmosphere where gamers can come show off their skills, meet new people around the world, and just have a good time.We have a range of games that covers all the popular systems.-Xbox360-PS3-PC-WiiWe also offer tournaments with some pretty cool prizes. We have some pretty cool sponsors who are wanting to do some big stuff for us in the future. I'm not sure if any of you have heard of it but one of our biggest sponsors is a company called Game Juice. Its more located on the west coast of the USA as of right now.Anyways the reason I am posting this is because we are looking for Staff. We are looking for some trustworthy personnel who we can count on to be there and get the job done. I couldn't think of a better place to find those kind of people than right here.We have a range of positions available-Forum mods-Site Admins-Event Coordinators-Referees-Human Resources-Advertisers-Platform ManagersI know there is more but my mind is drawing a blank right now. There will be more staff positions opening as well. We have a new site we are working on Right now. We are hoping it gets to be big. We will have all new staff positions opening up also. So stay tuned for those. Our new site will be called Gaming Socially Connected(www.gamesoco.com).We just have a few requirements for our staff.-Must have a Skype and Paypal account-Must be able to maintain a Mature Professional attitude -Must be available for Weekly meetings-Willing to have funIf your interested just shoot over to www.finestladders.com and apply for the staff. Don't make it your entire reason to be picked but make sure that your put in there somewhere that Gemini328 sent you and you are from TRR. Thanks All! Hopefully see an app from you guys :P-Gemini328

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