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Assassins Creed III Game Informer Cover

Assassins Creed III Game Informer Cover

Am I the only one who thinks this concept looks ridiculous?

    Ridiculous how?
    1. Man dawg, that cover is ridiculous.
    2. Wow....that is ridiculous.
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    Ridiculous in the sense that a guy is wearing a merge of (what the series has described as) medieval assassin robes and a colonial uniform. Annnnd at the same time is holding a pistol in front of the American flag.

    So 2.
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    At first I thought it was some sort of Skyrim/Assassin's Creed merge. And it isn't really medieval robes, just their uniform. I agree it's kind of out of place feeling, especially since he has a bow and arrow, but also a gun.
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    eh lose the gun and itd be pretty kickass.... but yet not the assasins creed i remember seeing
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