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OMFG I made a blog entry!

Eric the Bard


I used to have the most popular blog, with most views, comments and entries. I still have the most comments and entries, however that damn sloth wizard Traaginen have overtaken me. I'm so angry I called him Traaginen. Well, I'm not really angry. Yes I am. Maybe later.

Anyways; I had a pretty though leg exercise today. I think I'll just sit in this chair for a few days, as I already barely can walk, and it's just going to get worse.

Exams are coming up. I have to take one exam this year. Because exams and end of year are closing in, I've had tons of tests, and still have a few more to go. Last week I spent most of my freetime for four days just rehearsing physics. I used to suck at physics. Used to. Well, I still kinda do, but not so much. I owned that test. I always sleep in physics class btw. That might be why I suck at it. I can't help it though, and my medicine forbids me to go to bed early, since I have to wait so goddamn long between meals and medicine.

Once. There was a BÃ¥rd. His friend played MineCraft. He didn't. Then he pirated MineCraft and loved it. However, he wanted something more. He decided to buy MineCraft and play on servers. It was fuppin amazing. One of the first servers he saw was MinecraftOmega. He loved it. Since then he has been playing on that server on and off. This period, he was given the title "Recruiter". He decided to post on this forum to tell other members to join the server. Spoogan did. Now we are having all the fun without you guys. If you don't like/have MineCraft you're fuppin noobs. The End.

The attached picture is what me and Spoogan has been up to. I made the tower, Spoogan made the other stuff. The brown thing coming off my tower is me planing something.


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Sadly both of our blogs are overtaken by Cheeky and Blake in views. Cheeky has over 8,000 views with only 4 entries, and Blake has 6,000 with 3. wat.jpg


Your bit about exams freaked me out because I have 3 in like 4 days and haven't even started studying yet. One of them is Physics, which yeah...



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Blexun's Netflix blog entry gets a ton of hits. From the little I've seen a lot of people get there by google "why isn't Iron Man 1 on Netflix" or something.


A lot of times the most important thing to getting a lot of hits is making the title something that a lot of people google that has no existing page elsewhere on the internet.

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