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The begininng of the end?

Unknown ProbLem


Well, First off Dawnguard is amazing. and definitely has a wide variety of choices. The only problem, is basically to activate it, you need to wait. The Dawnguard will find you. you get in, find some coward who is nervous and what-not and asks you to walk with him.

First Thoughts: Not a bad DLC, and the fact that Arrows were added (maybe due to 1.6, i don't know) makes it much better. off the bat, Base versions of Dragonbone are around +1-+5 damage to Daedric, putting Dragonbone at the top of the damage scale (though slightly unappealing to myself)

Upon completing the first quest and awaking the Daughter of the Vampire Lords, you return your damsel in distress back to her father and are given a reward, and an ultimatum basically.


  1. You accept his gift and become a vampire (He is a strong enough vampire to actually overthrow any Lycanthropy you may already have)
  2. Or you turn him down and become "prey"

To me, on my first playthough, I decided to follow the way of Vampire Lord and to all of you who currently do not have it, your perks are as follows:


[th]Perk name[/th] [th]Perk Description[/th]

[td]Power of the Grave[/td] [td]50 point bonus to health, magicka and stamina as Vampire Lord[/td]

[td]Blood Healing[/td] [td]Killing a person with a power attack bite restores all your health[/td]

[td]Uneathly Will[/td] [td]Night Powers and Blood Magic cost 33% less[/td]

[td]Poison Talons[/td] [td]Melee attacks do 20 points of poison damage[/td]

[td]Night Cloak[/td] [td]In combat you are surrounded by a cloud of bats that feed on enemies within melee range[/td]

[td]Detect All Creatures[/td] [td]Night Power: Detect all creatures, even dwarven automatons[/td]

[td]Mist Form[/td] [td]Night Power: Transform into an invulnerable mist, while health, magicka and stamina regenerate[/td]

[td]Supernatural Reflexes[/td] [td]Night Power: Everything slows down while you move faster[/td]

[td]Vampric Grip[/td] [td]Blood Magic: Can pull a creature to you from a distance, and do choking damage once it's close[/td]

[td]Summon Gargoyle[/td] [td]Blood Magic: Can conjure a gargoyle to fight for you[/td]

[td]Corpse Curse[/td] [td]Blood Magic: Target is paralyzed[/td]


This is all so far, still need to complete more quests while i bake in my room *sigh* it's hot in here... x.x


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What do you mean arrows were added?

The ability to craft them me thinks?

This would of been great to post on the vampire lord or dawnguard topic.

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Also, I found this DLC very hard and am still not done with it The Soul Cairn is a bitch to get through due to hordes of variously leveled enemies along with a "Secret" Boss fight that i have yet to unlock.

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It's good to know that there's finally something hard in this game. :smile:

Also, you should really change the title of this blog and it's entries so it's google friendly. (e.g. My Dawnguard Experiences for a blog title and Vampire Lord Bonuses for this entry) That way people will find it easily.

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