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Moneeh and tooth!

Eric the Bard


So... I was just looking through the old coins that my family got. Some of them are worth quite a bit, though most of it isnt really worth much. Since my grandfather collected coins, and he have been all around the world, we got old coins from all over the world. Including a silver dollar from America! That's pretty kewl.

I found them whilst I was looking for my half tooth though... And I found the box it was supposed to be in, and it ws empty! Now I can't post a picture of my half tooth! I can still tell you the story though. I managed to break my tooth... twice... the same tooth... during the same summer... Once when I got an iron gate in my face, and once when my brother came out of no-where and right in my face...

Ps. the blog system doesn't seem to work properly...

Pps. I hope someone is actually gonna read this...

Edit: This is the second entry that I was talking about in the first published entry.


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I was confused when your story sounded really familiar. Then I realized that I read it before when it wasn't working :P

And when you took your brother to the face, was it done on purpose or did he just walk into you out of nowhere?

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I remember swinging on one of those push-pull two-person swing-sets (holy compound modification!), you know, the ones that you can get going fast enough to violently shake the whole damn set. Anyways, my like... 4 year old sister walked right in front of me and took it right to the face. Chipped an inverted "V" right into her two front teeth.

To this day I'm shocked she wasn't decapitated.

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Well, we were playing in the water, and he can hold his breath for quite a while, and I didn't know where he was. Then he jumped up to scare me, and right in my face breaking my tooth. The tooth part did actually land in my hand aswell... When you brek your tooth, your nerves isn't very well isolated, and your tooth feels really cold and aces really bad. This is almost a blog entry on its self, really...

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