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New blog!

Eric the Bard


Hi guys (and gals? don't think we got any gals on here though)! I've desided not to publish my earlier drafts, since they were pretty much rubish. I might publish the second one, though. The first one just said that it suddenly started snowing heavily outside, and now it's gone, after two days.

Atm. I'm studying for my math test tomorrow, and I wish for once, it would go my way on these math tests. I'm not very good at maths, but still got into the class for all the smart people, that wouldn't or couldn't get into that really hardcore class, where only a few people get in. I didn't apply for the other one, but did have a chance of getting in.

So... Welcome to my blog, and now I will start preparing for the test again.

Ps. The real reason I don't want to publish the first one, was because I uploaded the wrong picture, and the correct one is gone.

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