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Posted by Eric the Bard, 09 February 2013 · 2,878 views

My duty as a Norwegian and my nightmares. Maybe not so much my nightmares anymore. I've never really liked skiing. The reason skiing isn't so bad anymore, is because I've learned how to go up-hill and doesn't fall in every down-hill anymore. I did before though. It was pretty horrible. It's kinda odd, because I'm the only one in my family that dislikes it so much, and my father is pretty good at it. I went skiing today, which you might have guessed. It was the first time this year, and I had forgotten how much your feet hurt the first kilometer or so. But then it passes. I fell going down a hill, and a kid laughed at me. I didn't really mind, especially since he immediately after started crying because he couldn't get up the hill. Even though I don't like skiing, my parents (my father especially), make me go a few times a year. The last few years it haven't been to bad, but the place I went today have two hills I hate, and we go there every year. Today we only went down and up one of the hills, the one that got a sharp turn at the end where I always fall. The trip turned out not too bad.

Anyways, have anyone else here gone skiing? And do you do it often?

There were a few years in Middle School where I went skiing at least twice a year for 3 years or so. I had to relearn it pretty much every time I went. All I remember is being scared shitless of the majority of hills.

I have skiied once. I think I still have the basics down, but that was back when I lived farther north. Skiing in Georgia isn't the easiest thing to do.

I went snowboarding as opposed to skiing. I was the only one who didn't wanna go because I, for some reason, thought skiing was gay.


I accidentally went down the novice hill on my first run. End up falling down it, more or less. Maybe got down the entire hill after falling 3 times? 4 maybe.


Then I tried the bunny slope for up near an hour and a half. Had fun despite doing shit.


Then I went down the novice again. Ended up only falling at the end, and that was because I didn't know how to stop.


All in all fun trip. Though they need some sort of hill between bunny and novice.

I went snowboarding as opposed to skiing. I was the only one who didn't wanna go because I, for some reason, thought skiing was gay.

I never liked snowboarding. My feet didn't have enough coordination for it.

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