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Enchantment Effects and Compatible Apparel

Unknown ProbLem
  • A complete list of every enchantment in Skyrim, along with the pieces of apparel/armor that they are compatible with. Includes detailed descriptions of the enchantment effects!

Apparel Enchantments

[table] [th]Armor Enchantment[/th] [th]Helmet[/th] [th]Chest[/th] [th]Boots[/th] [th]Gloves[/th] [th]Ring[/th] [th]Amulet[/th] [th]Shield[/th]


Weapon Enchantment Descriptions

[table] [th]Weapon Enchantment[/th] [th]Description[/th]

[/table][table][th][/th][/table]*Note: Banish will cause your weapon's value to SKYROCKET and is useful for making money!

**Note: This enchantment is found in one location only - the Silent Moons Camp.

***Note: This is gained by the "Notched Pickaxe," found on the summit of the Throat of the World (the tip of the mountain past Paarthanax).

Armor Enchantment Descriptions

[table] [th]Armor Enchantment[/th] [th]Description[/th]

[/table][table][th][/th][/table]*Note: The "Fortify X+ Magicka Regeneration" effects are acquired from disenchanting items such as a mage's robe (novice-master level). These two effects are less powerful together in this shared form than they would be otherwise in their single-effect state.

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Looks really nice. I glanced over it a couple of times and I don't see anything really really wrong. I'll take a look at it several more times just to make sure.I guess the only thing I could suggest is to not have "by Unknown Problem" on their twice. That is a suggestion though. :P

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Annnnd I've moved this over to article format as well. Again, great work - nothing really had to be fixed at all. I did remove the in-table colors as articles should have the standard font color (different users using non-dark skins are unable to see the text the same way) -- [this is fine in non-article guides]. It's unfortunate that the topic is automatically edited to match the article, as you do lose some basic things, but nothing major at all.Again, great job. :)

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No Skyrim guides come to mind right away, but I'm sure I can think of something.

    [*]You can write funny/informative articles based on things in Skyrim.

    [*]Guides in other games, such as Fallout.

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A good general format for an article in general is....

    [*]Take some common term or concept people google a lot or are interested in, such as Ulfric Stormcloak

    [*]Put some controversial slant on it, e.g. saying Ulfric is a Thalmor Spy.

    [*]Back up your claims.

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Thank you very much, I wish you could see all the code and such that went into this. *sigh* looong night. If you want, you could check out what I have so far on my Daedric Artifact guide, and my Alchemy guide. I take pride in them and they tend to run through several different drafts and such before being "published".From what I've been told, I apparently do a good job with all of them, but If anybody has a new guide or something in mind, I hope that they would PM me or something because I'm going to have a laptop soon and guides are no problem to me.

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