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Alchemy Ingredients and Their Effects

Unknown ProbLem
  • Need to know the hidden effects of all those ingredients that you've acquired? We have a list of every single ingredient in Skyrim, alongside all of their corresponding effects!

Foreword: This guide details the numerous potion effects sorted by ingredient. If you desire to sort ingredients by potion effect, you can view this guide.

[table] [th]Ingredient[/th] [th]Effect 1[/th] [th]Effect 2[/th] [th]Effect 3[/th] [th]Effect 4[/th]


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Thank you Blexun, though you can thank our wonderful admin Traaginen for quickly teaching me the table BB code. I hope to get time tomorrow night and just finish it up.Hate to double post, but IT'S FINISHED! yay! everyone can enjoy the magical-ness of it

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Alright, this is now an official article on the guide page (there's also a link in the original post of this thread). I didn't really change anything except for the title/intro format to match the other guides.Also edited the title to differentiate it from the other guide that sorts by effects.

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