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This Week in Gaming - Releases and Rumors

  • A review of gaming news, important releases, and surprising rumors for the 17th-30th of June.

Let's get right into it, shall we?

Game Releases

Game & Wario

Platform/s: Wii U
Release date/s: Previously released in Japan in March. June 23rd in North America, June 28 in Europe and June 29 in Australia.

The game was originally a technical demonstration of the Wii U's GamePad planned to be pre-installed on every Wii U system before they decided to release it as a game with a Wario theme.

It consists of 16 mini-games, twelve of which are single player and four are multiplayer only for up to five players.

It has received mixed to positive reviews with a score of 62.67% on game rankings

Company of Heroes 2

Platform/s: Windows
Release date/s: June 25

As a sequel to Company of Heroes the game is set in World War II, focussing on the Eastern Front.

It features new technology to better emulate troop visibility in real combat. Weather also plays an important factor, troops can die of frostbite if caught outside during blizzards, bonfires can protect soldiers from the cold but at the risk of enemy detection.

It has recieved positive reviews with a score of 81.62 on gamerankings


Platform/s: Xbox360, PS3, Windows
Release date/s: June 25 in North America and June 28th in Europe.

Deadpool is an action video game based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name and features cameos by several other Marvel characters.

It has recieved mixed reviews, it has been praised for its humour but its gameplay has been called repetitive. It has a score of 68.44% on gamerankings

Gaming News and Announcements

  • A trailer for Mario and Luigi: Dream Team has been released and you can watch it here. The 3DS game has players exploring Luigi's dreams
  • A series of videos showcasing different classes for Dark Souls II have been released. Here are links to the videos of the
  • Microsoft recently reversed many of their unpopular DRM policies for the Xbox One. After a single system set-up with a new console an internet connection will no longer be required to play offline Xbox One games, and you will be able to trade-in, lend, resell, gift and rent disc based games just like you can with the Xbox360.
  • A video for New Super Luigi U has been released that shows off the differences between Mario and Luigi.
  • The new Namco Bandai, Dragon Ball Z game (Dragon Ball: Battle of Z) based on the recent movie has been confirmed for release outside of Japan including North America, Europe, Latin America and Brazil. The game will include a battle royale mode for eight players as well as four player co-op and online multiplayer. It is set to be released for PS3, Xbox 360 and PS Vita.
  • Google has announced that they are working on a new Android gaming console, though with the reception the Ouya has received its not something to get too excited about.

Weird Gaming News and Facts

  • In an E3 Interview Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura mentioned that all the data for Kingdom Hearts 1 had been lost and so everything had to be completely recreated for HD. Check out the full interview here
  • A Texas teenager has been held in jail since March over comments he made on facebook from a converstation that started in League of Legends where he referenced a school shooting.
  • Sweden has introduced a tax and permit system for LAN parties by lumping games, PC's and consoles in with poker machines and other electronic gambling devices.
  • Saints Row IV and State of Decay have been refused classification in Australia, showing that there's still a problem with the way games are classified in Australia despite the new R18+ rating that was introduced earlier this year.
  • According to studies conducted by Iowa State University the Pokewalker is one of the most accurate pedometers ever.

User Feedback

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I had no idea the Ouya was even out. Now Google is making one too? Who doesn't have a console these days?


Pumped for Dark Souls II... Probably one of the only games I'm going to bother buying for the next 2-3 years.


According to studies conducted by Iowa State University the Pokewalker is one of the most accurate pedometers ever.



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Now I saw that you mentioned the case about internet threats. So stupid, can't believe he's actually being sent to jail.

Yeah i know right, I mean he obviously said some pretty stupid and thoughtless things but to treat it as a real terrorist threat is just overboard. 

I had no idea the Ouya was even out. Now Google is making one too? Who doesn't have a console these days?

Yeah, I didn't even remember hearing much about it before it came out either.

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In the Temple Knight video, I noticed that Estus Flasks heal you slower than the previous game. This could be interesting, as it would allow alternate, faster healing items their time in the spotlight. In Dark Souls, Estus Flasks healed you so fast, that you never had reason to use anything else. (Humanity, Twin Humanities, Divine Blessing, Elizabeth's Mushroom, Firekeeper Soul)

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