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Fallout 4 - Boston Bound?

  • As rumors regarding Fallout 4 continue to circulate, Boston has become an increasingly common destination for the franchise.

First of all, the image used for this article is actually New York, but for all we know that's where Fallout 4 could take place anyway.

However, a Redditor going by the pseudonym "fallout4boston" recently posted the following...

The rumors are true, Fallout 4 will take place in Boston. In case you haven't heard, Bethesda has recently been scoping out and researching Boston. They also have a strong connection to MIT. I may or may not be an MIT employee. But that's really all I can say for fear of losing my job.

I am telling you it will take place in Boston. Whether you believe me or not, how do you feel about a Fallout Boston?

Could this rumor have legs? Well, it is worth noting that the "Commonwealth" mentioned in Fallout 3 was apparently specifically referencing Massachusetts, according to a Bethesda employee in a 1UP interview. New Vegas and Fallout 3 also referenced a Commonwealth institute that could theoretically be MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Then again, vague references to "institutes" and other locations from Fallout 3 could point to hundreds of other locations. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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Interesting. I've been considering getting Fallout 3. How good is the game?

I think New Vegas was a better Fallout game. Fallout 3 was so empty and lonely. There was just nothing but wasteland. At least new Vegas had cities and little towns to find as you played.Both are great games though.
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