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01-Sep-2011 - Behind the Scenes – September


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One of the biggest quests we have ever made, a new prayer potion, new loyalty rewards and a Bonus XP Weekend all join together to make a stupendous line-up for September. Talking of history, we’re even opening up RuneScape Classic for the last ever time!

New Prayer Potion

We’re adding a brand-new, tradable potion to the game this month, featuring the elusive fellstalk herb and morchella mushroom; so rare and desirable that the herbs themselves are only available from high-level farmers. You’ll need 94 Herblore and 91 Farming if you’re going to grow and make this potion; a potion that can restore roughly 1.25x the prayer points of a super prayer potion, but gradually over the course of 5 minutes. You’ll still find your stash of super prayer potions useful next time you find yourselves needing the immediate aid of the gods, though, as they can provide an instant boost in the heat of battle.

Bonus XP Weekend

If you find yourself talking to your pet rock and wondering, “How on Gielinor am I going to raise my levels for all the high-level content that JAGEX keep launching?â€Â, then wonder no more! This month we are holding our 4th “Bonus XP Weekendâ€Â, where members stand to earn up to 2.7x their normal XP rate in almost all the content in the game! It’s a perfect time to train your skills: whether it’s increasing your favourite stats; finally reaching that level goal you set yourself; or simply training those skills that you’ve let slip over the last few months, Bonus XP Weekend has something for everyone. Prices on the Grand Exchange can do crazy things over the days leading up to a Bonus XP Weekend, so it may well be a great time to throw those spare raw materials onto the market and make a quick stack of gold. For further details on the Bonus XP weekend, click here.

Final Classic Re-opening

Have you ever sat listening to the old and wizened seers in your clan councils or local fishing spot as they chew gummily on their stewed lobster and go on and on about the “good old daysâ€Â, telling you stories of certs, sleeping bags and 3-hit combat? Do they look wistfully at areas just beyond the Paterdomus temple saying “I remember when all this was just seaâ€Â? Strange tales indeed, but there was a time when their ramblings were true! If you’re a member and you’re keen to find out more about the early days of RuneScape and the game that started it all off, then take a nostalgic trip to RuneScape Classic.

For the last time this month we are reopening the gates to our true roots and humble beginnings. RuneScape Classic is a very basic and old-school version of RuneScape, but does contain 50 of our original quests and the whole game as it was back in 2003. Don’t forget that if you’re keen to unlock the classic cape this will be your final ever opportunity to do this.

Ritual of the Mahjarrat

In RuneScape, you’ll hear people use the word “epic†quite often. “My godsword is epicâ€Â, or “I had the most epic fight in the Wildyâ€Â, or even, “My new iron helmet is the epitome of all that is epicâ€Â. Of course, “epic†is often in the eye of the beholder; it’s only epic if you haven’t done it before. Sometimes we have to wait for something truly epic to come along, and it has.

Concluding a storyline over 10 years old and involving many of the game’s major plotlines, the Ritual of the Mahjarrat is a huge, dimension-spanning quest; one of the largest we have ever created.

Every 500 years, the planets align and harsh choices must be made by the Mahjarrat; a race of powerful, ambitious beings left on Gielinor after the cruel God Wars, thousands of years ago. Their continued existence relies on an extreme form of rebirth; a new beginning that requires one of their number to be sacrificed for the greater good. Things rarely involve simple choices, however, with loyalties split between Zaros and Zamorak and individuals wielding some of the most powerful weapons to ever exist on RuneScape. Whatever the outcome, it will shape the future...forever.

Explore the lost plane of Kethsi; form unexpected alliances; engage in huge battles; and witness the true power of RuneScape’s cruellest villain.

Rewards include huge XP lamps, access to a new reward dungeon, equipment, a new spell, ranging gear, and new gear for the feet slot.

Requirements to start Ritual of the Mahjarrat:

[*]The Temple at Senntisten

[*]While Guthix Sleeps

[*]Hazeel Cult

[*]Enakhra's Lament

[*]The Slug Menace

[*]Fairy Tale III - Battle at Ork's Rift

[*]Rocking Out

[*]A Tail of Two Cats

[*]Level 76 Crafting

[*]Level 77 Agility

[*]Level 76 Mining

New Loyalty Rewards

This month we are also releasing the second batch of rewards for our loyalty programme, featuring 4 new costumes, 6 new emotes, 3 re-colours and 15 new auras (including tier 2 auras). These new rewards cover a range of new gameplay and cosmetic options, including:

[*]Fist Palm emote

[*]Ghost emote

[*]Ninja disappear emote

[*]Inspiration aura (raises your special attack bar while dealing damage)

[*]Vampyrism aura (raises life points while dealing damage)

[*]Penance aura (raises prayer points while taking damage)

If you haven’t already, you can find details of how to sign up to the Loyalty Programme here.

Finally, remember that our 15% discount on 3 months of standard-rate credit card membership is still available. With all this great content on the horizon, now is a great time to subscribe. Click here to do so.

Have fun!

Mod Mark

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