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vampire power problems

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Brandon Woods

Brandon Woods
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I resently earned these vampire powers that make me imune to poison and diseases, allow me to see in the dark, to raise weak creatues to life to fight by my side for a while, and very vulnerable to fire. But the real problem is every one including alies are trying to kill me and keep calling me vampire.


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Yes, that happens when you've reached Stage 4 of Vampirism. At that stage, all NPC's will become hostile. To end this, you must revert back to stage 1 by feeding on someone while they sleep.I'd go into more detail, but we have a guide covering this very thing; you can read it by following this link - Skyrim: Vampires. The feeding stages are what you should read first. After that, you can read the curing section if you no longer want to be a vampire.If you have any more questions or details to add feel free to reply by using the "Reply to this Topic" field near the bottom of this page. If you want, you can also join our community and have an easier time posting questions, as well as receiving other benefits. :)

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