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getting the elder scroll

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You're going to have to be more specific, what part do you need help with? I'm assuming you're talking about the quest The Elder Knowledge.

If you're talking about how to operate the machine that focuses light to give you the scroll (just my guess since I didn't know what to do either), you have to first put the blank lexicon on top of the lexicon receptacle (located to the right of the command buttons).

After that, the two buttons to the right of the center console will start to glow.

    [*]Press the taller button on the right of the middle console until the button to the left of the center console starts to glow. This should take 3-4 attempts.

    [*]Press the tallest button on the left of the center console twice or until the button farthest left begins to glow.

    [*]Press the far left button.

    [*]The machine should open and you'll be able to take the elder scroll out of it.

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